Tomatino: Italian pasta restaurant arrives at Forum Algarve

It is Real Food's first Italian pasta chain in the Algarve

Tomatino arrived at Forum Algarve in Faro, becoming Real Food's first Italian pasta chain in the region. 

The restaurant has 64 square meters, is located next to the renovated h3, on the 1st floor of the Forum Algarve, and is known for making «a reinterpretation of the pasta concept, introducing selected recipes, inspired by Italian classics», says Tomatino in a press release. press.

Here, the pastes are made with olive oil, garlic, herbs, cheese and a tomato sauce of their own recipe, and the customer can also create their own recipe.

In addition to the pasta, there is a new dessert to try: Tiramichoux, made with choux pastry, sprinkled with cocoa and wrapped in artisanal tiramisu ice cream.



«The Algarve was already part of the group's expansion plans. We have the ideal conditions to now enter the south of the country, where we have more growth ambitions and we know that we will contribute to increasing the employability rate", says João Ventura, director general of Real Food.

In a press release, Real Food stresses that it plans to hold other openings in the Algarve by the end of the year.