Sardine Festival food scraps turned into fertilizer

Portimão Municipal Water and Waste Company ensures the management of waste produced at the event

The leftover food from the Sardine Festival is being transformed into 100% natural fertilizer, a novelty that is being provided by the Municipal Water and Waste Company of Portimão (EMARP) together with the Municipality of Portimão.

The objective is to make this a more environmentally friendly edition, which bets on circularity, eco-responsible choices and the proper management of the waste produced during the initiative.

The Sardine Festival started this Wednesday, August 3, and ends on Sunday, the 7th, and Teresa Coelho, Secretary of State for the Sea and Fisheries, passed in the space dedicated to the dissemination of the Selective Collection of Organic Waste project.

The campaign to publicize the Selective Collection of Organics, developed under the motto “It's time!”, part of the “Portimão Valoriza” movement, aims to “raise awareness of the importance of reducing environmental impacts, with emphasis on the collection of leftover food, which will be diverted from the landfill and transformed into natural fertilizer», says EMARP in a press release.

The operation implemented within the scope of the application approved by PO SEUR (Operational Program for Sustainability and Efficiency in the Use of Resources), covering 13.836 accommodation units, equivalent to 19.353 inhabitants, started with restaurants, schools and private social solidarity institutions in the parishes of Portimão and Alvor and has now extended to the residential population, through the activation of 144 containers.