1600 kilos of organic waste collected during the Sardine Festival

Food scraps will be turned into natural fertilizer

The Municipal Water and Waste Company of Portimão (EMARP) collected 1600 kilos of leftover food at the Sardine Festival, which took place in Portimão between the 3rd and 7th of August. 

The residuess will be transformed into natural fertilizer and subsequently returned to the soil. Throughout the initiative, this company and the Municipality of Portimão were partners in the installation of a sustainable event.

In addition to separating organic matter, the company ensured the correct management of recyclable waste and collected 610 kilos of paper/cardboard, 770 kilos of packaging and 100 kilos of glass. The materials collected were destined for ALGAR, the company responsible for sorting and treating materials destined for recycling.

This year, the Sardinha Festival broke the attendance record, with 110 thousand entries.

The event was also distinguished by its more sustainable aspect through the strategy that included the choice of ecological materials and the placement of recycling bins throughout the enclosure, with awareness signs, promotion of environmental initiatives and training actions aimed at waste producers. (restaurants and agri-food) and to the volunteers, who collaborated in the collection of trays from the tables and in the separation of the remains.

«It is from a perspective of improving the quality of life of present and future generations that we must increase the life cycle of goods/products, through their recovery, and ensure the correct management of the waste produced, so that they are used as resources and are not destined for landfills", says EMARP in a statement.