Navy ship adds 48 km2 to Portuguese sea mapping project

Hydrographic vessel has already sailed 6.263 nautical miles, equivalent to more than 11 kilometers

The Navy hydrographic vessel NRP D. Carlos I, currently in the Azores, carried out, in the first two months of the mission, the analysis of an area of ​​47.997 square kilometers (km2), equivalent to half the areas of Mainland Portugal and the Archipelagos together.

​In the current mission, the hydrographic vessel has already sailed 6.263 nautical miles, the equivalent of more than 11 kilometers.

The NRP D. Carlos I aims, during this mission, to survey several areas of interest defined by the Hydrographic Institute, to carry out the hydrographic survey, with a view to a greater extent of mapping the seabed and also for cartographic updating.

The Navy ship has a garrison of 35 soldiers and is commanded by frigate captain Pedro Aires de Castro.