Martim Sousa Tavares is the next principal conductor of the Orquestra Clássica do Sul

The first OCS concert directed by Martim Sousa Tavares, as principal conductor, will take place in January of next year

Maestro Martim Sousa Tavares – Photo: Diana Tinoco | THE F

The Orquestra Clássica do Sul [OCS] will have Martim Sousa Tavares as its next conductor. The 30-year-old conductor, born in Lisbon, will succeed Rui Pinheiro, who has been in this role since January 2015.

According to the OCS, the new conductor's contract 'will be effective from January 2023, valid until the end of the 2025-2026 season'.

The choice, for which the musicians of the OCS were also heard, "results from the will of the new governing structure of the OCS that took over in April 2021 and thus intends to reposition the orchestra, in an artistic and strategic sense, deepening its regional nature and the connection with the Algarve territory, at the same time diversifying the cultural offer».

For António Branco, president of OCS, «the contacts made allowed us to verify a high level of harmony between the current vision of the direction for OCS and the artistic and cultural vision of Martim Sousa Tavares».

«By investing in this young and talented conductor, it will be possible to renew the working methods, the repertoires and the role of OCS in the dissemination of classical music to very diverse audiences, including young people», added António Branco.

Martim Sousa Tavares is the founder of Orquestra Sem Fronteiras, which carries out a mission of territorial cohesion through classical music in the interior of the country. Created in 2019 and based in Idanha-a-Nova, this orchestra promoted more than a hundred activities in dozens of locations, being the first Portuguese organization to win, in 2022, the Charlemagne Youth Prize, the most important European event. for young people, established by the European Parliament and awarded each year in Aachen, Germany.

For the maestro, «this is a significant step in my professional growth, in which I feel that I can contribute not only with musical knowledge, but also with my experience of directing projects and teamwork. At the same time, I keep a happy memory of the concerts I did with OCS and I have a great desire to contribute to the growth of the orchestra, not only in terms of its musical quality, but also with new ideas about the artistic programme, typologies of concerts and other artists. guests».

OCS has been in existence since 2002, having, over these 20 years of activity, contributed in a very relevant way to the promotion and dissemination of classical music at a regional and national level, interpreting music by XNUMXth century composers. XNUMXth to the XNUMXth century XXI, in addition to its association with other forms of musical expression such as concerts with Pedro Abrunhosa, Dino D'Santiago, lyrical singers, among others.

The importance of this mission is recognized by the Ministry of Culture, through the regular financial support given to regional orchestras.

The first OCS concert directed by Martim Sousa Tavares, as principal conductor, will take place in January of the next year.