Marta Temido resigns as Minister of Health

Marta Temido considers that “she is no longer able to remain in office”

Marta Temido presented her resignation as Minister of Health "because she understands that she is no longer able to remain in office", reads the note sent to newsrooms in the early hours of Tuesday, 30 August. 

The statement does not add further information, but at 1:29 am, another statement, this time sent by António Costa's office, confirmed that the prime minister accepted Marta Temido's request and "respects her decision".

“The Prime Minister thanks all the work carried out by Marta Temido, especially in the exceptional period of combating the covid-19 pandemic”, reads the note sent to the newsrooms, which adds that “the Government will continue the ongoing reforms having in mind with a view to strengthening the National Health Service and improving health care provided to the Portuguese» .

Marta Temido's resignation comes after this Monday the death of a 34-year-old woman, 31 weeks pregnant, after suffering a 17-minute cardiorespiratory arrest during an ambulance transfer from Hospital de Santa Maria to that of San Francisco Xavier.

The news was advanced by CNN Portugal, which says that the pregnant woman was forced to change emergency hospitals because there was no vacancy in the neonatology service to hospitalize the baby when delivery was caused.