Book “Aljezur 1970–2000 | Memórias” adds three decades to the county’s visual history

Four years after the publication of the book “Aljezur 1869–1969 | Memories, Municipality of Aljezur, 2018”, it is now time to announce the sequel to the story adding three more decades

Book “Aljezur 1970–2000 | Memories” – Photo: © 1000olhos

Four years after the edition of the book “Aljezur 1869–1969 | Memories, Municipality of Aljezur, 2018”, in whose pages 100 years of the county's history take place, it is now time to announce the sequel to the story, adding three more decades – the last thirty years of the last century – to the narrative. It is time to present the new book “Aljezur 1970–2000 | Memoirs".

The presentation of the work is scheduled for the 19th of August, at 18:30, in Jardim do Largo da Liberdade, next to the Municipal Market, in Aljezur.

This book is the result of «two long years of research with Aljezur families». It was «an immense work of collection, selection, digitization, editing and identification that was only possible thanks to a vast and comprehensive team work that brought together technicians, institutions, associations and families from the municipality of Aljezur», explain those responsible for the work, in a note. of press.

«Without this dynamic, it would not have been possible to publish this work, which we want to be, once again, a legacy and a teaching on collaboration, dedication, diplomacy and willpower».

“Aljezur 1970–2000 | Memórias” has a mainly imagery component, with photographs that span between 1970 and 2000, materializing a remarkable album of memories, a historical portrait of the municipality of Aljezur.


Book “Aljezur 1970–2000 | Memories” – Photo: © 1000olhos


«The families of Aljezur once again showed great pride in their land, opening their drawers to us and showing us generously and with the greatest appreciation their collections of images. In each new wave, we discovered noble moments, situations of greater eloquence and social vigor, religious, sporting and cultural celebrations, the fleetingness of everyday life, the emotional feeling of a greeting, the nod to the passing of the days, visits to family members , the work of the countryside and the sea… A diversity of events and situations that we aggregate here so that we can all walk through the last three decades of Aljezur at the end of the last century, through these 240 photographs that so eloquently summarize this period», they add.

This publication is part of the research project «Aljezur “between vision” of place and memory” – safeguarding the material and immaterial heritage of a (un)protected municipality», for which Maria João Pereira Neto, professor at the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Lisbon, researcher at CHAM – Center for Humanities (CHAM – Nova FSCH).

the book is also the result of a partnership with 1000olhos – Imagem e Comunicação and the Aljezur City Council, which has had an institutional protocol with the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Lisbon since September 2014.

«This book belongs to all of us, Aljezurenses. Made to enhance the memory of this county and ensure the enduring of the history of these people and this beautiful land, cherished with the aromas of the fields and the splashes of the sea», conclude those responsible in the press release.


“As much or more than people, places live and die.
With one difference: even if already dead, places retain the life that animated them.
In the silence, we feel their watchful ears or the indefatigable rumble of their deafening echoes.”
Fernando Dates | No Date Newspaper



Learn more about the first book in this series here,  “Aljezur 1869–1969 | Memories, Municipality of Aljezur, 2018”