Lagoon promotes walk of the Farol from Alfanzina to Torre da Lapa

Walking is part of the centenary of the farole at the European Heritage Days

The guided walk “Entre Farois” scheduled for the 17th of September, at 9:00 am, will take the participants of the Farol from Alfanzina, in Carvoeiro, to Torre da Lapa, already in the parish of Ferragudo. The meeting point is farol of Alfanzina.

The walk is part of the centenary celebrations of that farol, but also at the European Heritage Days.

Due to the specific conditions of its jagged coast, with small beaches flanked by prominent headlands, the municipality of Lagoa has two of the six lighthouses in the Algarve region: Ponta do Altar, at the mouth of Arade, in Ferragudo, in operation since 1893, and Alfanzina , off Carvoeiro, built in 1920.

This second walk “Entre Farois” takes the pedestrian paths along the coast of the municipality of Lagoa, Sete Vales Suspensos and Path of the Promontories.

This is a guided tour of the heritage faroleiro and the natural landscape of the coastline, with its geoforms, fauna and flora. In addition to the lighthouses, along the route, other elements of the built heritage are also highlighted, such as the case of the Vale da Lapa watchtower tower.



The Portuguese mainland and island coast, with a total of approximately 1860 kilometers, makes Portugal one of the countries in the world with the longest coastline. The topographical and orographic characteristics meant that, throughout the country, 53 lighthouses were built and about 500 farolins and auxiliary lighting and support equipment for maritime navigation.

Over time, lighthouses have been protagonists of the collective imagination of communities in the territories where they are located. Not infrequently, due to their location, usually far from villages in remote areas of the coast, and their vigilant role as night watchmen, they are seen as mystical places.

In recent years, there has been an increase in the population's interest in this, which is a symbol of a nation that has always been linked to the sea, which has increased the offer of visits and other activities around this centuries-old heritage.

Participation in the walk is free, but registration is required and is limited to 24 participants. Subscribe to: