Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Christian F, Just and Alexandre Ramos animate Carvoeiro Beach Party

Party takes place in the square and sand of Praia do Carvoeiro

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The DJs Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Christian F, Alexandre Ramos and Just will give music to the Carvoeiro Beach Party 2022, which will take place on the 27th of August, a Saturday, in the wide and sandy beach of this town in the municipality of Lagoa, between 20:00 and 3:00.

According to the União das Freguesias de Lagoa e Carvoeiro, which organizes the party, the highlight of the poster goes to Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, the DJ duo «currently most in demand in Portugal».

«They are unique in combining a great musical quality (using current genres such as Funk, Hip Hop, Afro, Commercial, Rock) with a strong interaction with the public through MC», according to the parish union.

The two DJs were present «at major national events», namely at Rock in Rio Lisboa 2022, at the MEO Sudoeste festival, at the Happy Holi Portugal Festival of Colors.

The party will also feature some returns, namely those of DJ Christian F, who is once again present «after 5 years of filling the sands of Praia do Carvoeiro, but also of DJ Alexandre Ramos, «who plays at “home”” and is «very cherished in the municipality of Lagoa».

The lineup is completed with DJ Just, an artist from the Algarve with over 25 years of career and whose musical style «goes from deep ao techno».

As part of the Parties in Honor of NS da Encarnação, the Carvoeiro Beach Party is organized in the Union of Parishes of Lagoa and Carvoeiro and has the support of the Municipality of Lagoa.



20:00-21:30: DJ Just

21:30-00:00: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

00:00-01:00: DJ Alexandre Ramos

01h00-03h00: DJ Christian F