ABC researchers receive funding for the development of scientific projects

Each project can receive up to 50 thousand euros

The scientific projects of two researchers from the Algarve Biomedical Center Research Institute (ABC-RI) received funding in the 2022 R&D Project Competition, from the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT). Each project can receive up to 50 thousand euros.

According to ABC, “one of the projects, led by researcher Sara Carvalhal, aims to explore the biological functions of the BUB1 gene in neurodevelopment and, in this way, contribute to a better understanding of brain development and its size”.

The second selected project, developed by researcher Mónica Fernandes, «focuses on the study of the role of the CITED2 gene in the biology of glioblastoma stem cells, an extremely lethal brain tumor, for which the therapeutic options are still very limited, and may contribute for the development of new therapeutic strategies'.

Researcher Pedro Castelo-Branco, from ABC-RI, and Graça Maria Leitão Ferreira-Dias, from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Lisbon, received funding for the development of a scientific project that aims to explore and evaluate the impact of epigenetic changes in the mare's endometrium.

At stake is a scientific research and technological development project, whose maximum funding is 250 thousand euros.