Original and cheap ideas for your bed headboard

The headboard can play an important role in your bedroom decor.

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When you enter a room, the headboard is one of the first elements that catches your eye. Therefore, it is important that it has personality and that it is able to contribute to the style of decoration that we want to convey.

Sometimes the headboard is so important that, if it is changed, it can completely change the aesthetics of the room.

But the head of the bed is also important for the comfort of those who rest. If upholstered, it works as insulation, protecting from the cold, and it can even function as a support point.

To customize your headboard, the cheapest and most creative option is to make a painted headboard.

However, there are other options like wood, which never go out of style. You can, for example, recycle an old door. Wicker is also a solution to consider, which adds a handmade and natural touch to the room.

There are also the wrought iron headboards, which offer high durability and have a classic and romantic style.

But of all the options, the bed headboards upholstered are, without a doubt, the most comfortable, because, in addition to protecting the head from possible blows, they also serve as a backrest for, for example, reading before going to sleep.

These can be upholstered in a wide range of fabrics, prints and colours.