There are 138 vacancies for cooks, especially in Vilamoura, Albufeira, Lagos and Carvoeiro

At the peak of the high season, there is a lot of employment, but there is a lack of available labor

The human resources company Timing announced that it has 138 vacancies available for cooks, with immediate entry, 84 part-time and 54 full-time throughout the Algarve.

According to the temporary work company, «in the areas with the highest concentration of hotels, the number of vacancies is also higher, such as Vilamoura, Albufeira, Lagos and Carvoeiro».

«Every year, during the high season, Timing offers a high number of vacancies, and this year was no different», explains Ricardo Mariano, CEO of the company.

«At a time when tourism has reached its maximum, what is the use of service, in the room of any hotel restaurant being good, if the kitchen does not have the capacity to respond due to lack of staff? It is important to reflect on this issue and not miss out on talent in the hospitality industry», commented Mariano.

In this peak of summer high season, adding up all the vacancies throughout the region, there are 138 vacancies that Timing has to start functions in renowned 4 and 5 star hotels.

With immediate entry and several times available – adapted, depending on availability, about half of the vacancies are for long-term contracts. In some locations, free transport is available.

Eva Quitério, Human Resources coordinator for the Algarve and Madeira, adds that “if you are working, but have some free time and want to earn extra money, contact us. There is a hotel near you with a part-time opportunity waiting for you».

Interested parties should send their application to the email [email protected] or contact Timing via telephone 289 090 390 or 911 077 118 (WhatsApp). Then, «the consultants will contact those selected to present them with a job proposal immediately», explains Eva Quitério.

Created in 2015, Timing, which has seven offices opened throughout the Algarve region, is already one of the largest employers in the region, as a temporary work company.