Parish of Quarteira promotes activities for active and healthy aging

Quarteira Parish Council collaborates with the senior population by providing activities to promote Active and Healthy Aging

«A day with physical and mental activity, is a day won!» For this reason, the Parish Council of Quarteira collaborates with the senior population in this mission, providing the practice of a range of activities designed to promote Active and Healthy Aging: Academia do Saber, Social Dances, Gymnastics and Community and Senior Theater .

Academia do Saber aims to provide opportunities for new learning, sharing of knowledge, experiences, motivations and affections. The project works through theoretical and practical classes on a weekly basis.

Participants also have the opportunity to attend other activities such as tours, workshops, lectures, workshops, among others. Enrollment begins on the 5th of September.

The Senior Theater Group project, promoted by Colectivo JAT – Janela Aberta Teatro, aims to foster creativity and culture in this age group of the population.

The Group is made up of citizens over 60 years old, with a strong desire to do theater and to use theater as a tool for meeting, socializing, artistic expression and a way of putting their artistic idiosyncrasy at the service of the community. Registration opens on the 29th of August.

The Social Dance classes, promoted by the Arabesque Family Association, give the population over 50 years of age the opportunity to learn and practice dance, as well as to create interpersonal relationships in groups. Rehearsals are divided into groups for pairs or for singles. Registration opens on the 29th.

The Seniors in Movement project, promoted by the Movimento é Vida Association, gives the population over 50 years the opportunity to practice physical exercise, through senior gymnastics classes. Enrollment starts on the 29th of August.

«Try to have at least 300 minutes of physical activity per week and one or two activities, individual or in groups, to exercise your memory, increase your knowledge and your intellectual abilities. Stimulate your social relationships and live a stress-free life», underlines the Quarteira Parish Council.

Interested parties must register in person, at that Parish Council, or online through the website by clicking here.

For more information, call 289 315 235 or e-mail [email protected].