Faro injects another 1,5 million euros into the work of the new Praia bridge

The new bridge will be about 180 meters long, with an 11-meter wide deck and two carriageways.

Photo: Rodrigo Damasceno | Sul Informação

The Municipal Assembly of Faro approved an extraordinary price review for the work on the new access bridge to Praia, which includes a reinforcement of 1,5 million euros, injected by the Chamber. The project will cost, in total, around 6,6 million.

According to the Chamber of Faro, the «price revision now approved aims to respond to the exceptional situation that exists in supply chains resulting from the global energy crisis, the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, which has been causing abrupt increases in the prices of raw materials, materials and labour, with special emphasis on construction and impacts on the costs of the works foreseen in this contract, with crucial importance for the municipality».

The work, with an execution period of 540 days and which should start later this year, foresees the construction of a new access bridge to Praia de Faro which will replace the current one and will be located in a parallel route to the East of this one, «at a distance that safeguards, among other factors, the need to carry out the demolition work of the current bridge - whose removal costs will also be borne by the Municipality».

The new bridge will be about 180 meters long, with a deck 11 meters wide.

«This board will accommodate two lanes for automobile circulation, also allowing public transport access to Praia de Faro, also including two pedestrian walkways, one of them with a width that allows the coexistence of pedestrian and cycle circulation», explains the Municipality of Faro.

After the intervention, the management and maintenance of this infrastructure will be the responsibility of the municipality.