Faro approves tender for 22 new housing units

A construction worth around 2 million euros

The Chamber of Faro approved the launch of a public tender for the construction of a building with 22 apartments for social housing, on Rua Ludovico Menezes. 

The meeting took place on the 25th of July and defined that the tender will have a base value of 2.199.684,08 euros and an execution period of 560 days.

The 22 dwellings in question are intended for families «in a situation of economic need or precariousness, to be awarded through a tender», in an investment that is based on the application submitted by the Municipality under the 1st Right program – “Programa de Apoio à Acesso Housing”, of the Recovery and Resilience Plan.

In this context, the Municipality of Faro also signed two contracts with the IHRU – Instituto de Habitação e Reabilitação Urbana on the 16th of June for the co-financing of a total of 71 new dwellings: 22 new dwellings on Rua Ludovico Menezes, whose launch of the public tender has now been approved – and 49 in Montenegro, which are intended to relocate families residing in Praia de Faro.

According to the municipality, these two financings were made possible through the Local Housing Strategy of the Municipality of Faro, approved in November 2018, which aims to develop measures to facilitate access to housing for all citizens.

In this context, the Chamber already envisages new applications in this area, in addition to reviewing the Local Housing Strategy, in order to contemplate new projects, namely around 275 new homes for sale at controlled costs in Estoi.

“All in all, the Local Housing Strategy of the Municipality of Faro implies a total investment of more than 25 million euros, with an impact on more than 350 families, between supported leases and sales at controlled costs», says the municipality in a note sent to the newsrooms.