Solidarity challenge aims to raise funds for a boy from Olhão with cerebral palsy

“Everesting Cerro de São Miguel, let's help Rafael” is scheduled for today

Photo: Let's help Rafael / Facebook

"Everesting Cerro de São Miguel, let's help Rafael", scheduled for today, August 12, at 19:00, at the base of Cerro de São Miguel, in Moncarapacho, is a solidarity event that aims to raise funds for a boy from Olhão with cerebral palsy . 

Rafael was born in December 2017 and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, microcephaly, schizencephaly and epilepsy, caused by a virus - cytomegalovirus - that infected him in early pregnancy and caused serious brain damage and a great delay in psychomotor development. 

The challenge, created by James Lamb, consists of climbing the hill 34 times, which makes a total of 8848 meters of positive difference, the equivalent of Mount Everest.

To participate, registration is not necessary, «just show up and try to challenge yourself, creating a chain that transmits strength to the parents not only of Rafa, but of so many other Rafas, passing on the message that they are not alone, and however difficult it may be look like the walk, never give up», emphasizes James Lamb in a note sent to newsrooms. 

Fundraising and plastic caps will be raised during the event to help with daily therapies. 

Donations can be made directly to the family via MBWay 926141129 or by IBAN: PT 50 0193 0000 1050 4082 8428 7