Aljezur rehabilitates the Chaparral water tank and the Tramelo/Espinhaço de Cão road

There are more works planned

The rehabilitation work of the Chaparral water tank has already been awarded by the Aljezur Chamber and should be completed within about 2 months.

The work, which will cost 55 euros plus VAT, “provides for the repair of this infrastructure, which is part of the low-lying supply system of the municipal drinking water network”.

The municipality has also launched a tender for the repair of the Estada do Tramelo/Espinhaço de Cão, «for the value of 142 thousand euros, and with an execution period of 90 days, which provides for intervention along the road, as well as of the floor'.

According to the Câmara de Aljezur, the pavement of this road «does not offer the safety conditions due to its marked wear», since it is «poorly adherent».

The municipality also revealed that more interventions are planned both in equipment of the water supply network and in the roads of the municipality.