Algarve offers canned food to tourists at the Airport to promote Mediterranean Diet

The initiative always takes place in the morning, from 9 am to 00 pm, in the arrivals area at Faro

Tourists who, until Friday, August 5th, are arriving at Faro, await you with a canned mackerel or sardine and a leaflet promoting the Mediterranean Diet. This is a promotional action by the Regional Directorate of Agriculture and Fisheries, which wants to promote «what is good about the Algarve, besides the sun and the beach». 

The initiative always takes place in the morning, from 9 am to 00 pm, in the arrivals area at Faro. Waiting for you, the thousands of tourists have a stall from that public entity.

The inauguration of this promotional action, last Monday, 1 August, was attended by the regional director of Agriculture and Fisheries, who himself helped to distribute the offers to the tourists who were arriving. Many, not realizing what it was all about, refused the welcome gift, but there were also those who accepted it with a smile.

To journalists, regional director Pedro Valadas Monteiro explained the reason for the initiative: «we want to show that the Algarve is more than sun and beach, it is also a great wealth of agrifood and fisheries products».



The artisanal preserves, which were produced by the students and chefs from the Vila Real de Santo António School of Hospitality and Tourism, are of two types: horse mackerel, with Indian fig palm, or mackerel, with olives and almonds.

Both are served in a «glass jar», in a partnership that also involves the Confraria do Figo e Figueira da India, AFROFIP – Portuguese Indian Fig Producers Association and Conserveira do Arade.

«The Mediterranean Diet is linked to the imagination of the Algarve: it originated here in this exchange of peoples and is basically made of seasonal products, of the season, short circuits. What we want is to publicize the good things the Algarve has in terms of these endogenous resources», explained Pedro Valadas Monteiro.

«Above all, what we want to show is that we have a Diet that is more than a Diet: it is a lifestyle. It's healthy eating, it's enjoying the landscape of the Algarve, the traditional rainfed orchard”, he added.

The action to launch this initiative was also attended by Dina Ferreira, manager of Mar2020, an operational program that financed the development and production of these preserves.


Photos: Pedro Lemos | Sul Informação