Albufeira: Mid-slope collectors, against floods, gardens without grass, against drought

"Interventions in green spaces" are underway to save water, announced the mayor

The mayor of Albufeira took advantage of the inauguration of the Praia do Peneco staircase, on Saturday, August 20, public holiday, to announce that «there is a lot of investment to be made in accessibility [of the city and county], but also to solve problems».

One of these problems is the «drainage plan», which will involve the creation of «half-slope collectors, in the east and west zones» of Albufeira. The works, which are intended to solve the problem of flooding in downtown, also include, according to José Carlos Rolo, the replacement of the ducts, “already very old”.

The mayor also spoke of the need to solve the problem “of water losses in the network”, but also of the need to promote savings. That is why he announced that «interventions in green spaces» are underway, namely in the Albufeira Marina, where the grass is being replaced «by other plants», so that «watering is not by sprinkling, which wastes more water, but dropwise".

«Climate change is not a myth, it is real!», underlined the mayor, stressing that in Albufeira, «where we live on tourism, we now have 400 or 500 thousand people, who consume much more than the 40 thousand residents who the Censuses tell us that we have”.

That is why Rolo defended the construction of the desalination plant, which should be built soon «in this area from Loulé to Lagos, the exact location has not yet been chosen».

But, warned the mayor of Albufeira, “a single desalination plant may not be enough”, but this equipment “is an imperative need”.

With José Apolinário, president of the Commission for Coordination and Regional Development, the entity responsible for the management of community funds in the Algarve, among those invited to the inauguration, the mayor of Albufeira warned: «we have to find funding for all this».