VRSA discussed strategies to boost the growth of the maritime economy

Workday ended with a visit to Nautiber's shipbuilding yards

The Secretary of State for the Sea José Maria Costa was present at the end of the working day dedicated to the theme «The Potential of the Sea in the Diversification of the Algarve Economic Base», organized by the Algarve Regional Coordination and Development Commission in Vila Real de Santo António .

The initiative, held at the Vicente Campinas Municipal Library, in that city, included the holding of several workshops dedicated to «Aquaculture and Algae Production», «Shipyards and Naval Industries» and «Nautical Activity and Tourism».

The session was attended by the mayor Álvaro Araújo, the president of the Algarve Regional Coordination and Development Commission, José Apolinário, the vice-rector of the University of Algarve Alexandra Teodósio, the secretary general of the Oceano Forum Ruben Eiras, and by the regional director of Agriculture and Fisheries Pedro Valadas Monteiro.

For Álvaro Araújo, the municipality has the ideal conditions to develop and consolidate the potential of the economy of the sea, of which the shipbuilding industries present in the municipality are examples, highlighting the projects that are in the portfolio for the construction of an aquaculture unit and fish processing and a canning factory in the city of VRSA.

According to the Secretary of State for the Sea, cross-border cooperation between the Algarve, Alentejo and Andalusia is a fundamental element for the development of these regions, where the sea is an important starting point and a strong link between economic and investment.

The CCDR president highlighted the importance of structural funds and pointed out that it is necessary to increase community support for the sea sector in the next community framework, considering it a strong pillar for the diversification of the economic base of the Algarve region.

The workday ended with a visit to the Nautiber shipbuilding yards, in Vila Real de Santo António.

The realization of this initiative aimed to create a network of partnerships with a view to developing future synergies between public and private agents who, within the scope of the PO CRESC Algarve 2020, obtained funding to develop specific integrated projects in the area of ​​the economy of the sea.