“Vai e Vem” will have new schedules and reformulation of lines

From August 1st

New timetables, reformulation of lines on some routes and changes in terms of digital payment features are some of the novelties of the “Vai e Vem” public transport network. 

The measures, which aim to «improve the quality of the service provided to users», come into force from 1 August and result from the concession contract recently established between the Municipality of Portimão and SandBus Transportes, in partnership with “ VAMUS ALGARVE”.

Ensuring “a more inclusive accessibility system and the reduction of its negative impact on the health and safety of citizens, in particular the most vulnerable, without forgetting the reduction of atmospheric pollution, noise, greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption» is still one of the objectives highlighted by the municipality.

Taking into account the demands of passengers, the offer on Ladeira do Vau, Malheiro and Companheira will be reinforced on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, as well as on connections to Montes de Alvor.

New night services were also introduced (Largo do Dique – Alvor, via beaches), in order to «simultaneously respond to the needs associated with travel for reasons of night leisure and hotel workers and the like».

In turn, the line between Escola Secundária Poeta António Aleixo and Mexilhoeira Grande will now structure three independent circuits, «simpler and more direct» to the locations to be served.

The fleet, currently made up of 26 vehicles, will be connected to the internet via wifi and, as of August, will have ten electric vehicles, with the intention to gradually replace the remaining fleet with more ecological buses. The visual identity of the vehicles also accompanies this new phase of “Vai e Vem”, through a more appealing and dynamic image.

Another innovative measure is also related to the provision of solutions that allow ticketing to be loaded through the smartphone application “VAMUS ALGARVE” – Google Play Store APP VAMUS ALGARVE | VAMUS ALGARVE VAMUS ALGARVE VAMUS APP AND VAMUS APP | VAI e VEM PORTIMÃO – a travel planner for mobile devices and a
contactless ticketing, which allows, for example, validation with a smartphone, using the website and application of the public road passenger transport service “VAMUS ALGARVE”.

In the near future, according to the City Council, new shelters with USB ports for charging mobile devices will be built, and the creation of a helpdesk to answer questions and resolve issues related to the operation of the cards and the “Vai e Vem” offer.

Improvements effective as of August 1: 

Line 12 | Portimão Bus Station – Montes de Alvor
Reinforcement of the offer at lunchtime. Simplification of the route in the Bemposta area
Alteration of the end of the route from Rua das Hortas to the Portimão Bus Station;

Line 16 | Largo do Dique – Montes de Alvor (via Quatro Estradas)
Introduction of offer on Sunday;

Line 21 | Mexilhoeira Grande – Esc. sec. Poet António Aleixo
Restructuring/division of the line into three circuits (east, west and south). Also
it will be the target of an increase in the number of circulations;

Line 31 | Largo do Dique – Portimão Bus Station
Change of route with connection to the Portimão Rodoviária Station. will also be targeted
an increase in the number of circulations;

Line 32 | Largo do Dique – Hospital
Simplification of the route, with the creation of more direct connections between the
Portimão and the Hospital do Barlavento (CHUA). Very significant increase in the number of

Line 34 | Companion – EB 2,3/S Bemposta
Simplification of the route in the Quinta das Oliveiras area;

Line 37 | Manuel Teixeira Gomes Square – Ladeira do Vau
Round-trip route unfolding instead of the current circular configuration.
Introduction of the offer on Sunday, with the adoption of the hours practiced on Saturday;

Line 1P| Largo do Dique – Alvor (via beaches)
Reinforcement of the offer on Saturday, with the adoption of the hours practiced on Sunday. Reinforcement
of the offer at the end of the afternoon, during the holiday period. Introduction of offer in
night period, during the holiday season, extending the regular operation, from
in order to simultaneously respond to the needs associated with travel by
reasons for nighttime leisure and workers in the sector of the economy formed by the
set of hotels, restaurants and cafes.