Portable X-ray unit in Algarve makes primary care more inclusive

So far, 30 exams have been performed with this equipment.

“Radiology in the Community”, the pioneering project of the Regional Health Administration (ARS) of the Algarve that aims to make primary health care more inclusive, is already in action. 

The use of a portable X-ray unit, according to ARS Algarve, created a response in terms of diagnostic imaging with institutionalized users, with or without mobility, significantly improving the response capacity of Primary Health Care in the region.

«We are pioneers at a national level in the acquisition and use of this equipment, with enormous advantages for users and professionals, as it adds value to Primary Health Care», says Paulo Morgado, President of the Board of Directors of ARS Algarve, also emphasizing that « radiology is a priority area and this service allows us to bring the National Health Service to people's homes, strengthening close relationships».

According to the Regional Health Administration, the implementation of this project has ensured more comfort and convenience to users in carrying out radiology exams, since the team of senior technicians in health, diagnosis and therapy in the area of ​​radiology travel to the facilities of the entities that request your services.

The diagnosis of the exams carried out on the chest, supported by Artificial Intelligence, is immediately available to the requesting physician on a digital platform that also allows the comparison of the current radiological exam with another exam previously performed.

So far, 30 exams have been performed with this equipment.

«The evolution of the Radiology service has been one of the great bets of ARS Algarve. In recent years, investment has been made in digitization, image storage and Artificial Intelligence and, given the success of this new initiative, the acquisition of more portable X-ray units is planned to provide the entire region with this service», underlines Paula Simãozinho, coordinator of the Radiology service at ARS Algarve.

In a press release, ARS emphasizes that this solution appears as another response in the fight against respiratory diseases and, consequently, in the reduction of morbidity and mortality in the resident community.

This investment allows ARS Algarve to expand the competences of the regional radiology service, consisting of eight fixed rooms, distributed among the three Health Center groups, and a mobile unit.