Workers at Club Med da Balaia plan strike for August 10th and 15th

If the administration does not respond to your claims

The workers of Club Med da Balaia, in Albufeira, decided, in plenary, to strike on the 10th and 15th of August, in case the administration does not respond to their demands.

According to the Union of Workers in the Hotel, Tourism, Restaurants and Similar Industry of the Algarve - which intends to negotiate an agreement that responds to the immediate needs and aspirations of workers - a meeting was again requested, after the one requested for June had been "pushed » for September.

At stake is the requirement for an interim salary increase, with effect from 1 January, in order to reach €90 in 2022, for all workers at the establishment, «including temporary workers and providers of services essential to its operation, ensuring that no one earns a base salary of less than €850'.

In addition, the Union wants “immediate reinforcement of the staff in sections and departments where there is a pressing need, as can be seen in the floors, kitchen, pantry, storage room, among others; the improvement of working conditions, facilities and equipment; and the opening of the establishment throughout the year, including in its workforce all workers with precarious contracts that are essential for the operation of the same and to guarantee the fulfillment of labor rights», reads the press release.

The Union also warns that "if the Government does not change its policy of favoring large economic and financial groups, the tendency will be to increase conflict in the workplace and on the street" and emphasizes rejecting "the political options of the current PS Government, namely the draft law that he presented to the Assembly of the Republic to amend the labor legislation, which does not respond to the problems that affect workers and still intends to introduce limitations on union activity in the workplace”.

In a press release, the entity therefore expresses its determination to continue to clarify and mobilize workers in the sector to fight for wages, working conditions and rights that allow a dignified life for all who work here.