Tertúlia on the centenary of the Portimão railway bridge ends with a cake

Promoted by the Group of Friends of the Museum of Portimão

José Gameiro, Scientific Director of the Portimão Museum, is the guest speaker at the gathering «The Portimão Railway Bridge turns 100 years old!», which will take place on Saturday, July 30, precisely on the centenary day of that infrastructure.

The gathering, promoted by the Group of Friends of the Museum of Portimão (GAMP), will take place in the Museum's Auditorium, at 17:00, and is open to all those interested in the subject.

Finally, there will be a commemorative cake for this XNUMXth anniversary…and yet another surprise.

This gathering is part of the cycle “Conversations with Portimão in the Fund”, which the Friends of the Museum of Portimão have been promoting. «As this is a particularly relevant date, linked to the centenary of the inauguration of the Railway Bridge over the Arade River, which took place on July 30, 1922, GAMP could not fail to be associated with the commemorations that will mark this memorable date».

The gathering «will certainly be another interesting conversation, evocative of this entire historical period, its impact on Portimão and on the entire Western Algarve», adds the GAMP.

«We will remember episodes of that prolonged period of reduced and difficult access roads between the Algarve, Portimão and the rest of the country, in which more than half a century of isolation was broken, with the people of Portimão finally conquering the right to have the station on the way to iron in its own land".

The commemorations of the 100th anniversary of the Portimão railway bridge also include other initiatives throughout the 30th, such as you can read it by clicking here.