Temperatures above 40ºC and tropical nights continue

Situation results from the circulation of a mass of very hot and dry air, originating in North Africa

Temperatures above 40°C will continue this Thursday, July 14, in much of the territory of mainland Portugal, with the exception of some coastal locations, announced the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere. (IPMA), in another statement about the persistence of very hot and very dry weather.

According to the IPMA, high temperatures are expected to remain until the 17th in the interior regions, with a decrease in temperature on the coast from the 15th.

Tropical nights persist (minimum temperature above 20°C) in most of the territory until tonight, from 14 to 15, but will continue in the following nights in the interior and in the Algarve.

Taking into account the weather forecast, especially in relation to the maximum temperature, the IPMA issued red hot weather warnings for all districts, except Faro, the highest on the warning scale, which will be gradually eased, especially on the coast.

The wind intensity will be weak to moderate and predominant from the east quadrant, being sometimes strong in the highlands, turning temporarily to the northwest on the west coast, during the afternoon.

This very hot weather situation results from the circulation of a very hot and dry air mass, originating in North Africa, which also brings desert dust into the mix.

The IPMA adds that, due to these meteorological conditions and the forecast of low values ​​of relative humidity, temporarily below 20% in vast areas of the interior, the Rural Fire Danger will present the Maximum and Very High classes in almost the entire interior. North and Center and in the interior of the Algarve until the end of this week.

The good news, at least for those on holiday in the Algarve region, is that, thanks to the strong Southeast, the sea water temperature rose to 23ºC this Thursday and to 24ºC tomorrow and over the weekend.