Secretary of State for Justice visits Monchique, Loulé, Serpa and Évora

During today and tomorrow

Pedro Ferrão Tavares, Secretary of State for Justice, will visit the Registry services of Monchique, Loulé, Serpa and Évora this Wednesday, July 20, and Thursday, July 21.

The trip is part of the “Route to Justice”, started in May, which consists of a series of visits by the government team to various Justice facilities, with the aim of contacting workers, surveying the main needs of the services, identifying opportunities improvement and priorities for action.

With the motto “Justice at the service of people and companies”, the roadmap aims to “promote collaborative work between this government area and the services that constitute the first line of response to the needs of citizens and companies”, emphasizes the Ministry of Justice in a press release, also mentioning that the information collected in the field, as well as the meetings already started with the representatives of the justice agents, «will contribute to the construction of a participatory and integrated vision of the system that will serve as a basis for a new cycle of transformations focused on improving the national economic environment and strengthening citizens' trust in Justice».

This Wednesday, July 20th, Pedro Ferrão Tavares was in Monchique at 9:30 am, he will be in Loulé at 11:30 am and in Serpa at 16:00 pm. Tomorrow, the 21st, it will be time to visit Évora, at 10 am.