Tourism Region showed nature and industrial and creative heritage to journalists

This action was part of Internacionalizar + Algarve 2.0

A kayak tour, diving baptism and a trip to the rock salt mines. The Algarve Tourism Region (RTA) carried out, during this month of July, an action to promote the destination, with Spanish and national journalists to «attract the attention of new tourists through the published articles».

In this most recent mission, tour operators and German journalists were also joined by the Algarve Tourism Association (ATA), which co-organized the visit. This action was part of Internacionalizar + Algarve 2.0, a project co-financed by the Algarve Operational Program – CRESC ALGARVE 2020, with a view to the internationalization of Algarve SMEs in the area of ​​sport, nature and nautical.

Kayak trip to observe the rock formations of the Algarve coast, sailing boat trip and diving baptism were some of the activities included in the program that also presented the valences of the Nautical Stations in the region to the participants, as well as marinas and partners of the Internacionalizar project.

Industrial Tourism was highlighted in another visit for national journalists, organized by RTA together with ERT Alentejo. This new segment of offer, framed in cultural and landscape tourism, has been worked on by the two regional tourism entities, as members of the Dynamic Group of the Portuguese Industrial Tourism Network.

Industrial tourism is related to activities in factories in operation and museum equipment installed in old industrial complexes, complemented by experiences of contact with products and production processes. Thus, the journalists invited to this action had the opportunity to visit quarries, mills, museums, canning companies and salt pans.

And they went down to a depth of 230 meters to take a look at the only rock salt mines in Portugal, located in Loulé.

As part of the Algarve Craft & Food project, Spanish journalists got to know first-hand the experiences that will be commercialized in the area of ​​Cultural and Creative Tourism in the Algarve.

«There are ten cultural and creative tourism programs that are expected to be available in 2023, based on handicrafts and local food products in the region. Handicraft and confectionery workshops and cooking classes are an integral part of the future offer that journalists have already been able to test. These visits were also co-financed by the Algarve Operational Program – CRESC ALGARVE 2020», says the Algarve Tourism Region.