Quercus and CTT launch new edition of the campaign “Uma Árvore pela Floresta”

In the 2022-2023 edition, a new kit is on sale, the Loureiro (Laurus nobilis)

The reforestation campaign “A Tree for the Forest” is back. Quercus and CTT are once again partners in this initiative, which aims to allow the entire population to participate in the planting of native species in Protected Areas and Classified Areas, particularly in the areas most affected by fires.

In the 2022-2023 edition, a new kit, the Loureiro (Laurus nobilis), a tree with a dense crown and evergreen leaves, which can reach 20 meters in height and have a lifespan of 100 years.

In Portugal, its distribution occurs mainly in the Atlantic regions, from Minho to Costa Vicentina.

For Alexandra Azevedo, president of Quercus, «in the context of the new European Strategy for Biodiversity, with the very timely motto “Bringing nature back to our lives”, and in the midst of the United Nations Decade for the Recovery of Ecosystems 2021-2030 It is imperative, above all, to reverse the cycle of disturbance and destruction of Nature and to reflect on the implementation of solutions that recreate our natural forest».

«Networking for an effective regeneration of our Forest is fundamental and, in this sense, the project “A Tree for the Forest” is also an invitation to action. The entire process of change represents a challenge, but cooperation between the various sectors of our society will facilitate a beneficial transition for all”, he adds.

According to João Bento, CEO of CTT, «CTT is proud to once again be Quercus partners in this initiative of excellence and of enormous importance for the country».

«At a time when, unfortunately, we are once again witnessing the drama of fires – and, consequently, an increasingly accessible debate regarding climate change –, the project 'A Tree for the Forest' assumes special relevance: it helps to raise awareness and contributes actively for a better future. It is with great satisfaction that we have seen the strong adhesion of the Portuguese to this initiative and, this year, we once again appeal to everyone to participate. Today's choices are tomorrow's future and it is within the reach of each of us to make a difference», he adds.

In this edition, the kit can be purchased for 4 euros, throughout the year at CTT stores in the country and online, at ctt.pt, with free shipping throughout the national territory.

The 9th edition of this initiative has three ambassadors this year: the musician Paulo Furtado, better known for The Legendary Tigerman, the television presenter Joana Teles and the actress and activist Sandra Cóias, who will thus be the faces of the campaign “Uma Árvore through the Forest”.

The QR Code of the new kit “Uma Árvore pela Floresta” presents a code, with a sound message with news and instructions for registering the kit on the website www.umaarvorepelafloresta.quercus.pt. Registration allows participants to receive information about the plantations, the native species used, the area of ​​the country where the tree will be planted and an invitation to join the plantations.

The kits sold are converted into trees and shrubs of native species, such as ash, cork oak, holm oak, strawberry tree, maritime pine, wild cherry or chestnut, among the species to be planted until spring of next year. The plantations will be open to the active participation of all volunteers who register on the campaign website or via the e-mail volunteer@quercus.pt.

Since the initiative started, around 110 thousand trees have already been planted, through the active participation of hundreds of people.