PS requires the Chamber of Faro measures to control pigeon population

Concerned about the danger these birds pose to public health

the PS of Faro wants the City Council to take “measures to control pigeons and raise awareness of the risks these birds pose to the population”.

The socialists propose that, "as a matter of urgency, the City Council of Faro develop efforts to promote the reduction and control of the pigeon population through the implementation of birth control measures».

«The PS Faro It also proposes that an environmental awareness and education campaign be launched, aiming at modifying the feeding behavior of these birds and also, at greater control and supervision, avoiding the existence of food destined for pigeons in public spaces».

At issue is the fact that these are birds that are «a source of problems, due to the pathogens» that exist in them.

The feeding of pigeons by people, despite being a practice prohibited by law, is the main reason given for the «uncontrolled growth of these birds».

«The quantity and ease with which we can find them scattered on the ground on public roads in Faro, foods such as corn, other cereals and bread, accompanied by containers with water, demijohns cut in half, is clearly one of the causes for the uncontrolled and excessive growth of pigeon populations in the city of Faro», considers the PS.

«We are surprised, as this problem is public knowledge, that it is ignored by the Municipality of Faro and by FAGAR», they add.

Farense socialists even accuse the executive of failing to comply with “the regulations of which they are authors and subscribers. It would be too bad to believe that there is a lack of will for an urgent resolution of this problem».