Pinheiro e Rosa received a meritorious person who helped the professional course

The Underwood Health Program emerged from the will of Jill Underwood, as a meritorious

The honorable Jill Underwood and Professor Miguel Boléu, from the Underwood Health Program, were received at the end of this school year at Escola Secundária Pinheiro e Rosa, in Faro, due to the support, with clothing and a model for basic life support exercises, which they gave to the Health Assistant Technical Professional Course. 

The delegation was received by Francisco Soares, director of the Pinheiro e Rosa School Group, André Lara Ramos, deputy director, Carla Rêgo, teacher of the Auxiliary Health Technical Course, and by the students of the 3 classes (1st, 2nd and 3rd year) of this Course.

All students of the Professional Technical Health Assistant Course at Escola Secundária Pinheiro e Rosa received identity clothing that allows them to represent the School both in study visits, as well as in presentations of works/projects or in actions to publicize the Course.



«A model for basic life support exercises was also donated to the Group, and a willingness to purchase personal protective equipment was expressed», says Pinheiro e Rosa.

The Underwood Health Program arose from the will of Jill Underwood, as a meritorious person, to support schools and/or other entities that are developing the training of students/young adults, namely through courses related to the professional area/provision of health care.

Jill Underwood is a retired mathematics teacher from the English education system, with a long history of supporting children and young people in the Algarve region, especially through partnerships/contacts with IPSS and School Organisations.

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