Work in the Port of Portimão: Ferragudo wants tourist tax and Archaeological Museum

Ferragudo's executive guarantees that, "if the claims" are not "heard", the members will make the position available

Photos: Elisabete Rodrigues | Sul Informação - File

A Fauna and Flora Study Center of Arade, a support line to create an Archaeological Museum, the requalification of the Molhe Este and payment of a tourist tax for cruise passengers. The Parish Council of Ferragudo reaffirms which is against work to widen the Port of Portimão Canal and these are some of the measures it advocates. 

The Parish Council's executive met on the 3rd of July to discuss the positive opinion conditioned by the Portuguese Environment Agency for the enlargement of the Port of Portimão Channel to allow the entry of larger cruises.

In the minutes of that meeting, the municipality guarantees that, during the period of public discussion, it manifested itself against, contrary to the words of José Apolinário, president of the Coordination and Regional Development Commission (CCDR), who guaranteed that the work only progresses because there was consent from the municipalities of Portimão, Lagoa and Ferragudo.

The Ferraguense Parish Council argues that «there is no economic, financial and environmental study on the operation of cruise ships on the Arade River».

«The river actually needs maintenance and de-silting works to ensure its navigability and longevity. The operation of cruise ports is being abandoned by the big players Europeans, given the worsening damage to the environment as a whole, climate change and the damage they bring in the medium and long term to populations and their activities. The socio-economic impact on the left bank of the Arade is nil, and mitigation measures have not been taken for the activities existing there, at the beginning, during and at the end of the works", he defends.

The municipality gives a set of seven measures that it will continue to defend.

Namely: an economic-financial and environmental study on the operation of cruises on the Arade River and the increase in the size of cruise ships, the «urgent requalification of Praia da Angrinha, according to the meetings initiated between the Parish Council and the City Council Municipality, with the support of the fishermen's association, using specific funds, which is not covered", the creation of a "study center for the fauna and flora of Arade and the provision of a support line for the creation of the Archaeological Museum do Arade, within the scope of the protocol to be signed between the entities for the preservation of the finds, to be located on the left bank».

Added to this is the «requalification of the East pier», the creation of a tourist tax to be applied to cruise visitors, «in which the funds will be applied in fishing, tourist and cultural activities of the population of Ferragudo, as well as in environmental measures. to mitigate the harmful effects of the project» and the «defense of the Ferragudo Marina, in more up-to-date and environmentally friendly ways, as a pole of economic dynamism of the left bank and its people».

Moreover, Ferragudo's executive goes further and guarantees that, «if the claims» are not «heard», the members «will will make available to make their position available to the population and the competent authorities'.