Portimão Museum recreates sardine discharge on the pier [with video]

Half a hundred extras will make Portimão go back 50 years

To whet your appetite for the Sardine Festival, which starts the next day, the Portimão Museum recreates the traditional unloading of sardines, on the quay next to the old bridge, in an initiative scheduled for 9 am on the 00nd of August.

Half a hundred extras participate in the staging, from the Museum's employees to members of various associations in Portimão, namely the Group of Friends of the Portimão Museum.

Everyone will take on the role of fishermen, longshoremen, buyers, salting women, children, who in the 70s gave life and color to the fish market and the pier. It will be a true trip to the past, with costumes, sayings and means of transport from decades ago.

The first recreation of the sardine discharge took place in August 2019, leading APOM – Associação Portuguesa de Museologia to award, in 2020, an honorable mention to the Museum of Portimão, in the category of Innovation and Creativity.

Following this activity, there will be a popular sardine dish. The population and visitors will be able to collect their tasting voucher at the Sardine Festival during the morning and lunch time of that day, and thus enjoy the free tasting of two sardines roasted in bread and drink.


See the video report of the 2019 recreation here: