More than 400 people over 80 have already received a second booster dose against COVID-19

The process of administering the second booster dose began on 16 May

More than 400 people over 80, as well as residents of Residential Structures for the Elderly (ERPI), have already received the second booster dose against COVID-19, announced the Directorate-General for Health (DGS).

The process of administering the second booster dose, which began on 16 May, covers people aged 80 and over and all residents in ERPI.

Citizens aged 80 and over have been summoned by local scheduling, via message (SMS) or telephone call, and by central scheduling, as has already happened in other phases of vaccination against COVID-19, being vaccinated in the centers vaccination or health centres. You can also go to the “Open House Modality”.

All those who have not yet had their first booster dose and are eligible are being summoned at the same time.

The population eligible for this second dose must be vaccinated at least 4 months after the last dose or after a diagnosis of SARSCoV-2 infection, that is, this booster also covers people who have recovered from the infection.

The administration of the second booster dose of the vaccine against COVID-19 is part of the strategy to improve the protection of the most vulnerable population.