Dumpster burns close to Gambelas fire [with video]

Fire broke out around 10:45 am

Photo: Mariana Carriço | Sul Informação

A dump, behind the MSCAR facilities, in the Vale da Venda (Loulé) area, close to where the Gambelas fire broke out, is burning, causing a dense column of black smoke. 

The fire, which broke out around 10:45 am, is being fought by firefighters, with the support of at least one light helicopter.

According to Civil Protection, 18 operatives are on site, supported by five vehicles.



Speaking to journalists on site, Vítor Batista, owner of a plot of land next to this recyclables deposit, explained that the space has “all types” of materials.

Moreover, «there have already been fires» in that dump that took «two months to burn».

Vítor Batista expressed concern about the «risk» of the flames passing to the «pine trees» that are right next door, as seen in the video below.

The fire broke out at a time when, less than a kilometer from the place where this new fire started, the Civil Protection was carrying out a briefing balance sheet on the fire in Gambelas/Quinta de Lago, in which it was said that the whole situation was under control.