«Pencil» is a story about bullying told in a book by students and teachers of Colégio de Vilamoura

Authors of the work will be present at the 92nd Lisbon Book Fair

It is called “Pencil – a story to read and feel” and “it was born in an 8th grade Dramatization classroom, in an attempt to show students that it was possible to create and write stories about almost anything”, recalls the co-author of the work and teacher of Dramatization and Natural Sciences, Aida Correia.

Now attending the 9th grade, her students will present, to the school community, the result of a joint work in terms of text with their teacher, and with class illustrations, coordinated by EVT teacher João Espada.

“A year after writing it and keeping it in the drawer, at the end of the school year, I thought: 'If I wanted to bring that 'Pencil' to life, it would have to be now”, says the teacher.

The work is thus published by Editora Alfarroba, on World Children's Day, in a session in which teachers, students, their families, administration, pedagogical direction of the CIV and the representative of the publisher, Andreia Salgueiro, participated.

“This book makes us all proud and belongs to all”, proudly declared student Rodrigo Neto, representing all his colleagues. “The book tells us a little about our actions, their consequences and how we can change them. That is its purpose, the purpose of the 'Pencil',” he added.

The student talked about the various stages of production of the work: from the text-illustration partnership work in Visual Education classes, to Philosophy classes, in which students were invited to elaborate questions based on the content of the work (and which are available in the book via QR code).

But the most heartfelt words were left for the end, when Rodrigo said that “this book has improved the skills of our class, helped us to better discover who we are... even help and motivation - because, as the book tells us, bullying exists, but we can try to erase it.”

The teacher and facilitator Laurinda Silva, who mediated the conversations around the work in her Philosophy for Young people classes, thanked the students, “who, in addition to being available to prepare questions based on the text – which are undoubtedly , a springboard for the reader and for empathic thinking -, also revealed care, finesse and sensitivity in criticism, which was fundamental to perfecting the first proposals”.

“I feel immense pride and a sense of accomplishment”, said Aida Correia. “It's so gratifying – and it was so interesting – to dream up something and see it materialize in a book. May this project serve as an example for students. We must believe in ourselves and not be afraid to dream. I'm genuinely happy. We served a purpose,” she confessed.

The authors of the work will be present at the 92nd Lisbon Book Fair, which will take place at Parque Eduardo VII, on September 4, at 16 pm, at Editora Alfarroba's stand, for an autograph session.