Forum Algarve will get everyone moving this weekend

With a championship dedicated to urban dances and dancehall

Photo: Mariana Carriço | Sul Informação

Forum Algarve is preparing to host a championship dedicated to urban dances and dancehall, between the 22nd and 24th of July. 

The objective is «to bring together the community of the dance world and all its surroundings», therefore, the event will have a group of national and international judges, who travel to the Algarve to evaluate dozens of participants.

With the Central Square of Forum Algarve as the main stage, the three days will have different activities.

The 22nd will be dedicated to the championship in battle, while Saturday is intended for the evaluation of benefits in crew 24 closes the event with activities taking place in the city of Faro.

«The outdoor space that Forum Algarve has has, over the years, been a stage for music, art, dance and countless other activities that enrich us culturally», emphasizes Sérgio Santos, director of the Centre.

«It is the first time that this event takes place, in a completely different format with a unique environment, which makes us very proud and in the expectation that it will be repeated for several editions. Aimed at the community of dancers, and all the families who want to join, Forum Algarve invites you to attend something unique, with a national and international dimension, where the unconditional support of the Municipality of Faro, Parish Council of Montenegro, Sport Zone, Kicks and Publifaro, were imperative to make this event possible», concludes the director.