Photographic exhibition “Oficinas no Cabo do Mundo” arrived in Benafim

Traveling exhibition began touring the Algarve in August last year

The photographic exhibition “Oficinas no Cabo do Mundo” makes its stop at number 15, in the village of Benafim, in the interior of the municipality of Loulé, where it expects visits until the 31st of July. This is another stop on the tour that the show has been doing in the Algarve, since August of last year.

Then, it will continue its 500-day “journey”, making stops in other cities, towns and villages in the region, allowing everyone who visits it, to get to know the Fortress of Sagres through the images of that monument, and its surroundings, captured by the students of the Professional Course for Tourism Technicians at the Cândido Guerreiro Professional School – Alte and for seniors residing in the parish of Alte, who visited it as part of the project that gave the exhibition its name.

When visiting the exhibition, one can also enjoy reading the project's Logbook, «full of images of a voyage of discovery, artistic creation and the construction of affections and intergenerational complicity».

The project, conceived from an idea by Isa Catarina Mateus, was developed by a partnership constituted by the In Loco Association, the Parish Council of Alte, the cooperative Escola Profissional de Alte and its Professional School Cândido Guerreiro – Alte, the Centro de Animação de Alte – Center for Animation and Community Development of the Parish of Alte and the Casa do Povo de Alte/Youth Altense.

The project had the support of the Regional Directorate of Culture of the Algarve, through the DiVaM Program – Dissemination and Enhancement of Monuments, of the Municipality of Loulé – Municipal Museum – Cândido Guerreiro and Condes de Alte Museum Pole, of the Algarve Tourism Region, the National Federation of Film Clubs and the International Federation of Film Clubs.