CTT mark the arrival of the train in Lagos with a postcard and a personalized stamp

The commemorations of this ephemeris started this Friday and will also take place during the day of Saturday.

This Saturday, July 30, CTT celebrates the centenary of the train's arrival in Lagos, with the launch of an entire Postal da República and the issuance of a personalized stamp. 

The commemorations of this ephemeris began this Friday and will also take place during the day of Saturday, with the collaboration of the Municipal Assembly of Lagos, the Fundação Museu Nacional Ferroviário, CP – Comboios de Portugal and Infraestruturas de Portugal.

The image chosen to illustrate the Entire Postal is a photograph, taken at the Lagos Railway Station, of the boarding of the Expeditionary Contingent of Infantry 4 (Lagos Regiment) for the first stage of the journey towards the Azores, with a sea of ​​people witnessing the moment, lived in October 1941.

Accompanying this philatelic piece will also be a personalized stamp dedicated to the commemorative date, whose face value is 57 cents.

These philatelic pieces will be offered at the centenary commemoration ceremony, which will take place tomorrow at the Lagos Cultural Center, starting at 16:00 pm. Participants will receive a cover produced exclusively for the occasion, containing, inside, the entire postcard and the stamp.

Those who wish will have the opportunity to stamp this philatelic material with the commemorative stamp of the 1st day of circulation, designed specifically for this purpose.

This stamp will then be available for a few days at the local CTT store, in Lagos, to continue stamping correspondence, namely other postal objects, at the request of collectors.