Cristiano Cabrita integrates the National Political Commission of the PSD

PSD Congress ends today

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Cristiano Cabrita, vice-mayor of Albufeira, was chosen by Luís Montenegro, the new leader of the PSD, as a member of the party's National Political Commission, during the congress of social democrats, which is taking place in Porto and which ends this sunday.

The PSD president of Albufeira is the only Algarve member in the new party bodies that, after being announced yesterday, will be voted on by delegates this Sunday.

Luís Montenegro announced the choice of Paulo Rangel as first vice-president, with Miguel Pinto Luz, Margarida Balseiro Lopes, Leitão Amaro, Paulo Cunha and Inês Ramalho being the remaining vice-presidents.

For secretary general, the name chosen was Hugo Soares.

As members of the National Political Commission, in addition to Cristiano Cabrita, they were appointed by Montenegro Rui Rocha, Silvério Regalado, Fermelinda Carvalho, Inês Domingos, Rui Ventura, Germana Rocha, Rodrigo Gonçalves, Maurício Marques and Paulo Ribeiro.


The list indicated by Luís Montenegro:

General secretary
Hugo Soares

vice presidents
Paulo Rangel
Miguel Pinto Luz
Margarida Balseiro Lopes
Antonio Leitao Amaro
Paulo Cunha
Inês Ramalho

Rui Rocha
Silverio Regalado
Fermelinda Carvalho
christian goat
Inês Domingos
Rui Ventura
Germana Rocha
Rodrigo Gonçalves
Maurício Marques
Paulo Ribeiro

National Jurisdiction Board
José Matos Correia
Francisco Jose Martins

Congress table
Miguel Albuquerque
Jose Manuel Bolieiro
João Manuel Esteves
Júlia Fernandes
Fernando Queiroga
Hernáni Dias
Sónia Ferreira

National Council
Carlos Moedas
Maria Luis Albuquerque
Teresa Morais
Luís Menezes
Pedro Calado
Pedro Nascimento Cabral

Jose Nunes Liberato

Pedro Duarte

'Believe' Movement
Pedro reis

Training Academy
Carlos Coelho

Local Elections Coordinator
Pedro Alves