Motard Concentration was «a success for Faro and for the Algarve», says municipality

The rally brought together 25 people at the venue

Photo: Pedro Lemos | Sul Informação

The 40th Motard Concentration of Faro, which ended last Sunday, was «a success for Faro and for the Algarve", said Rogério Bacalhau, Mayor of Faro, highlighting «the commitment placed on returning, after two years of interruption, due to the pandemic caused by Covid-19».

«Even with the restrictions imposed by the contingency situation decreed in Portugal to prevent fires and with the fire that worried us and that started close to the enclosure, the Concentration was, as always happens, a space of animation and attraction for our county», stressed the mayor.

«We therefore have to thank the organization, which committed itself in an exemplary way and made this party, one of the anchor events of the summer, in our city and in the region, one of the great tourist attractions in the Algarve», he continued.

According to the municipality, the event brought together approximately 25 people at the venue.

«I cannot fail to thank all the people of Faro, the entire population of our county, for the warm way in which it welcomes all visitors and for the support they always guarantee, to what they consider a great celebration of the Motard spirit, but who also see, already, as a mark of the city and its identity», reinforced Rogério Bacalhau.