Castro Marim advances with water supply to Cortelha

An investment valued at around 550 thousand euros

The Municipality of Castro Marim has opened the public tender for the award of the water supply contract to Cortelha, in the parish of Azinhal, a work valued at around 550 thousand euros.

«The supply of water to Cortelha is part of the 3rd phase of a water supply and distribution project in the municipality of Castro Marim. When the appropriate financial conditions exist, the Municipality of Castro Marim will begin the construction of a pipeline, with about 5 kilometers, between the village of Corujos and the Pero Vaz Reservoir, which will then allow the supply of Waters from the Algarve to the aforementioned nuclei. and also Corte Gago and Tanoeiro», emphasizes the Municipality of Castro Marim in a press release.

The same investment will allow the municipality to take water to Morocco and will leave a delivery point for Amendoeira, from the construction of a reservoir in Pero Vaz, with a distribution pipeline along the Municipal Road 508.

According to the City Council, Cortelha is, among the villages without domestic supplies, one of the most populous in the county.

«Currently, the water supply to Cortelha is done through fountains, and the water has been transported by auto-tanks for several years (about 700 m3 annual), since the quality and quantity from the wells were inadequate», the note also reads.