Chamber honors athletes from Gymnastics Clube de Lagos

For sporting successes in the current season

Twelve athletes from the Ginástica Clube de Lagos who won titles in national competitions in the current sporting season were awarded a vote of congratulations and praise by the Lacobrigense Chamber.

The honored athletes distinguished themselves in the Children's Trampoline Championship and in the National Mini-trampoline Championship, "bringing home an unusual set of medals for the various titles won", according to the municipality.

In the Children's National Championship of Trampolines David Andronic and Miguel Duarte were national vice-champions (Silver Medal) in the category of pairs in Synchronized Trampolines.

David Andronic also secured bronze, at an individual level, in the double Minitrampoline.

In the National Mini-trampoline Championship, the Lacobrigensian club secured gold and bronze in the beginners and female children's level.

Aimee Hutchison, Alice Duarte, Georgiana Bardas and Alecsandrina Culai were the national champions in beginners. Maya Kondratiev, Olívia Foroni, Mariana Coelho and Irina Pinosanu secured bronze in children's.

Individually, in the same championship, João Santos (male senior level) and Aimee Hutchison (female beginners) became national champions. Alice Duarte (female beginners) and Maya Kondratiev (female children) secured silver medals and Olívia Foroni (female children) won bronze.

In the session, Hugo Pereira, mayor of Lagos «congratulated the athletes from Lacobrigensia and their families» and addressed «a special word to the club and, in particular, to Professor Fernando Almeida (chairman and coach), for the consistency of the work developed. in promoting the development of the sport and for the demonstrated technical quality».

Fernando Almeida, for his part, stated that the titles achieved are the "result of the joint work of many people and that they are even more valuable because they were played against athletes from clubs that have competitive realities very different from ours, in terms of the training means and conditions'.

This manager also drew attention to the club's need for «a permanent training place, endowed with the indispensable safety conditions for practitioners, as well as a reinforcement of equipment, in order to better prepare athletes, namely in the discipline of Synchronized Trampolines».