Portimão Chamber provides Municipal Archive research portal

Through your website

Photo: Elisabete Rodrigues | Sul Informação

The Municipality of Portimão is gradually making the Municipal Archive collection available to all interested parties, through its website. 

The initiative aims to «contribute to the understanding of the identity and development of the county's territory in the course of the XNUMXth century», emphasizes the Portimão Chamber in a press release.

In an initial phase, documents that constitute the collective memory of cultural events, ceremonies and other public events promoted and supported by the municipality will be released, while documentation relating to works projects, both private and public, will be accessible.

According to the municipality, this project to disseminate the documentary collection will continue through the progressive availability of other documents, on a regular basis, in order to expand the offer of informative content.

Online access to all heritage will be possible here or through the Portimão City Council portal, using the dedicated button ”Municipal Archive”.