BMX becomes «vehicle of inclusion» in social housing in Quarteira

Project started on the 4th of July

The educational and social project “Dar Wings to my Neighborhood” started on the 4th of July with the aim of bringing BMX practice to social spaces. 

This is an initiative that brings together the Municipality of Loulé, the Clube de BMX Asas da Cidade de Quarteira and the Associação Akredita em Ti and which is aimed at 30 children and young people between 6 and 18 years old, living in the neighborhoods of Abelheira and Amendoeira, in Quarteira.

The main objective of the project is «the creation of a socio-sports response aimed at the development of skills, through the BMX modality, in order to enhance success and / or school reintegration, training or work integration of multicultural audiences», says the Municipality of Loulé. in a press release.

Taking advantage of the proximity of the BMX track, participants are invited to practice this sport, accompanied by the club's technicians.

«In a vulnerable territory, this project assumes the responsibility of framing sport as an instrument capable of promoting social cohesion», emphasizes the municipality.

“Dar Asas ao Meu Bairro” was born from an application for the “Bairros Saudáveis ​​2020” program.