160 kilos of fish and shellfish seized in Quarteira

For commercialization without hygienic conditions

The GNR seized this Wednesday, June 29, 160 kilos of fish for sale without guaranteeing hygiene conditions, at the access to the Fishing Port of Quarteira.

The seizure took place within the scope of an inspection action on access to this Fishing Port, «with the aim of inspecting the conditions of marketing fresh fish and shellfish outside establishments, with a special focus on food safety», emphasizes the GNR.

During the inspection, traceability requirements, product exposure temperature conditions and compliance with minimum sizes were verified, and 160 kilos of sardines were seizedhorse mackerel and white clam. 

Following this action, two men aged 57 and 42 were identified, and six administrative infraction notices were drawn up.

“All the fish seized, after hygienic-sanitary inspection by the veterinary authority, was donated to a solidarity institution”, explains the GNR. 

The GNR recalls that fishery products placed on the market, or likely to be marketed, must be properly labeled to ensure the traceability of each batch, as well as hygienic conditions for their display and marketing of fish must be ensured in accordance with the approved regulations.