Algar contracts the selective collection of recyclable packaging with municipal companies in Loulé

Vítor Aleixo: new system will be «a positive response, due to the tourist relevance of this part of the territory as an economic engine of the county»

Algar will hire, from municipal companies in the municipality of Loulé – Infraquinta, Inframoura and Infralobo – «operational support for the activity of selective collection of recyclable packaging (paper/cardboard, plastic/metal and glass), which included the provision of teams and vehicles», announced that company, responsible, in the Algarve region, for the recovery and treatment of urban solid waste.

For this, Algar signed, on the 28th of June, a cooperation agreement with the Municipal Chamber of Loulé and the municipal companies of the municipality.

«With the agreement now signed, the Infras, which ensure the collection of undifferentiated waste in the sector, called "low", are also responsible for the operation of collection of selective waste produced / deposited in recycling bins and / or surroundings, existing in its intervention areas, Vilamoura, Quinta do Lago and Vale do Lobo, as well as the Algarlinha service, intended for the collection of recyclables produced in commercial establishments, guaranteeing, with a perspective of improvement, the level of service currently practiced by Algar», explains the company.

According to the Mayor Vítor Aleixo, “this greater proximity to customers, as well as greater cooperation between entities in the sector, aims to be a positive response, due to the tourist relevance of this part of the territory as an economic engine of the municipality”.

The objective, added the mayor, is to promote “an improvement of the existing service, as well as a solution that allows increasing the levels of selective waste collection which, in 2020, reached around 16% in the country (data revealed by the Recycling Barometer, referring to to waste recovered through preparation for reuse and recycling) and 26% in the Algarve region (data provided by Algar), when the national recycling targets are 55% in 2025».

Adelino Soares, administrator of Algar representing the Municipalities, added that the company's objective with this partnership "is to improve urban cleaning, guarantee a better service to the population and establish closer relationships with customers".

For this, «Algar relies on the knowledge and experience of municipal companies, which already operate in the territory and are available to reconcile efforts, in order to satisfy the need to adapt the selective collection activity in the municipality, taking into account the dispersion geographic area and the volume of recyclables production, for an Algarve that is environmentally more sustainable», said Adelino Soares.

Algar has been target of criticism from the Algarve municipalities, which hold 49% of the company's capital, due to the deficient selective collection service for recyclable packaging (paper/cardboard, plastic/metal and glass).

In some municipalities, the Municipal Councils, which are only responsible for the collection of indiscriminate urban waste, have even placed notices on the ecological islands denying their responsibility for the deficient collection of materials for recycling.