Alcoutim encourages children in the Municipality to practice sports

“Sports Fridays” is the name of the initiative that takes place in July and August

The Alcoutim City Council, in partnership with the Alcance Association, created the “Sport Fridays” initiative, taking place in Martim Longo and Alcoutim, on Fridays, in the morning between the months of July and August. 

The activities are aimed at students in the 1st cycle of schools in the municipality.

«Maintaining healthy habits is important at any stage of life, but it is in childhood that we acquire the taste for having a lifestyle that values ​​health and well-being», defends the Alcoutim City Council.

The program consists of physical and motor activities such as cycling, swimming, skating, circuits, gymnastics, rugby tag and pre-sports games.

“Our children play and move less and less. Motor illiteracy has become a serious problem. By wanting to overprotect them from what we understand to be dangerous, we are compromising their development and preventing them from becoming functional adults, both in physical and cognitive terms», highlights Professor Carlos Neto.

As Osvaldo Gonçalves, president of Alcoutim City Council, explains, «this initiative aims to promote and stimulate the practice of sports, especially in children and young people, making them aware of new activities and moving them away from a sedentary lifestyle, creating opportunities for sports practice informal and captivate children and young people».