“Uses and Memories of Water” is the theme of the Algarve History Free Course

At the Gambelas Campus of the University of Algarve

“Uses and Memories of Water” is the theme of yet another Free Course on the History of the Algarve, which will take place from the 5th to the 28th of July, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, between 18:00 and 20:00, at the Gambelas Campus of the University from the Algarve, in Faro.

The sessions will take place at Amphitheater D of the Gambelas Campus Pedagogical Complex, except for the one on the 7th, which will take place at the Teresa Gamito Amphitheater.

«The presence or absence of water, fresh or salt, are historically determining factors in the definition of communities, namely in the way they settle in the territories, occupy and exploit them. Water and the relationship established with this resource are factors of the first order for the organization of societies, for the culture of peoples and for the fundamental aspects of their habits and worldview», describes the Department of Arts and Humanities of the Faculty of Human Sciences and of the University of Algarve, which organizes the event.

«Thus, throughout the nine sessions that make up the course, we will seek to explore the historical use of this resource and the material and immaterial heritage that results from its relationship, exploration and application in the Algarve region. Each of the course sessions will be in charge of several specialists in these areas and this edition also includes a guided tour of the Islamic Baths of Loulé», they add.

Registration costs 15 euros for UAlg students and staff, 20 euros for former students and 40 euros for the rest of the public. Interested parties must apply online.