INATEl Albufeira workers demand «an intermediate salary increase»

Workers put forward a petition addressed to the Board of Directors and the Minister of Labour, Solidarity and Social Security

The workers of INATEL Albufeira decided to go ahead with a petition, addressed to the Board of Directors and the Minister of Labour, Solidarity and Social Security, which oversees the INATEL Foundation, to demand an “interim salary increase”. 

This increase is in addition to the 0,9% increase given last January, which the workers «consider insufficient, to face the brutal increase in the cost of living and compliance with the Company Agreement that the INATEL Foundation continues to disrespect», reads the statement sent to the newsrooms by the Union of Workers of the Hotel and Tourism Industry, restaurants and similar in the Algarve.

Another issue demanded by workers is the institution of 35 hours of work per week for all workers, in order to end «the discrimination that currently exists in which some have a working schedule of 35 hours per week and others are obliged to fulfill a work schedule of 40 hours per week», the union also mentions.

The workers also demand the reinforcement of the staff "to fill the gaps existing in all departments and sections, to alleviate the high burden of work and guarantee a quality service to the customers" and "a speedy response to these and other questions that have been unanswered for several years”.

"If the Minister of Labor and the Board of Directors do not respond to these demands, the workers do not rule out the possibility that other forms of struggle may be taken", emphasizes the union.

In a statement, the Algarve Hospitality Union reaffirms its solidarity with the struggle of workers in the
INATEL Albufeira, «which made an indispensable contribution to the creation of the Company Agreement in force since 2018», and appeals to the unity of workers to give strength to their just claims.