Timing has 200 job offers available

To find out about all available offers, candidates can send an email to [email protected]

Timing, an Algarve human resources company, has 200 job offers available in the hotel industry, from Sagres to Vila Real de Santo António, with immediate entry, and both in Part-time as in full-time. 

Due to the «prospects for the summer in the Algarve», Timing has these offers for functions in four and five star hotels.

In some locations the company provides transport and, for candidates without experience, there is training.

With immediate entry and several times available, a portion of the hires are for long-term contracts. However, vacancies are also open for Part-time and filling gaps.

“We gave short-term training to thousands of people in the most austere periods of the pandemic and, as of today, we and our hotel partners continue to accept candidates with no experience, but with a profile. Everything is taught and those who want to learn, in an instant, fit into many vacancies in terms of the moment», says Ricardo Mariano, CEO of Timing.

In hotels, vacancies are mainly for waiters, 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade cooks, cleaning maids, butlers, receptionists and pool guards. For supermarkets, the opportunities are stockers and cashiers.

To find out about all available offers, "candidates can send e-mail for [email protected], contact us via WhatsApp (911 077 118) or visit a Timing delegation», indicates Eva Quitério, coordinator for the Algarve and islands.